Knowing the what and the how much of eating

When it comes to eating, most of us know what is good for the body. However, we don’t always follow the rules or the rules get lost over time after the education as the taste buds delve into the sensory realms. We don’t realize that basically we are adding poison to the body consuming foods that our bodies don’t need to survive. Sugar is one great example. Secondly, and this is most of us, don’t know just how much to consume. The limits recommended by the FDA are far too much IMO. I guess the FDA thought one should feel full after eating a meal and then came up with the 2000 calories per day. That number is plain outrageous for the average person.Staying healthy means eating just about enough for survival and a bit more for our activities. At any time, you should never feel satiated, forget the burp! Feeling that sense of lightness in the belly is what the goal should be. Just compare yourself when you have eaten a bit less than normal to that time when you had an overload. The latter feels plain yucky! You are giving your body unnecessary work in breaking down the food that wasn’t needed in the first place. What I found out in the recent four weeks is when I eat less, I feel more energetic!! Yes, that is very true. Eating till I am satisfied just wears my mind down and I found that I am lethargic rather than energetic. So, instead of energizing me, the full stomach was basically making me dull. Going into a 24 hour fast, I could feel the energy flowing within me and got the same sense of lightness that I would get after a bout of meditation. Guess, the glucose released overpowers the shakthi within.

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