Sustaining a long term diet

You see so many advertisements and companies touting their diets. In fact, diet and weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry. The true fact is a large percentage of those who follow and pay big time for it cannot and do not sustain it for a long time. Therein lies the failure of these quick-fix theme.  Be it Jenny Craig or Atkins or the common man who prescribes his own diet, the success factor is not very high. So what do you need to do to maintain a good weight. I have said many times in past blogs, eating moderately is the solution for a healthy mind and body. Much like the yoga texts, moderation in everything is a key element of a balanced lifestyle. Now, you need to define what is moderation for yourself. When you eat to your heart’s content, that isn’t moderation. Such gloating will just make you more lethargic as the intestines spend more energy in burning the food than giving space for the energy to be spent. Even eating the FDA recommended 2000 calories for an average person needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. This is for someone who has an active life style. Thus if you are not very active i.e., do not exercise 30-40 minutes three to five times a week, then you don’t need so much calories. Instead of eating what someone prescribes and wondering how to burn them, best go by what your own body tells you. Eat a far bit less than usual a couple of times and feel how you feel after 12 hours. You should feel the body almost sucking away the fat stores; you will feel energy within you flowing and available. You will feel you mind much clearer. On top of it all, you will feel leanness throughout your body. That should be the state you want to be in a majority of the time. Instead of thinking about how to spend the energy that you consumed that you didn’t actually need, just reduce your intake. Your body won’t wither away. You will be surprised how resilient the body is and how much food it actually DOES NOT need! The healthy feeling that pervades when you eat less than what you are used to will be your guiding factor. Once you taste that feeling of goodness within you, your mind will start automatically picking out food that you don’t need. For example, a cookie is all unnecessary food – food that isn’t needed by a human. It is a human concoction that just leads to disease and sloth. Similarly, all those sugary creations are man-made unwanted food for the body. We should not live to eat, but eat to live.


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