To excel you need ..

many qualities and competencies. Competencies can be acquired with training. However there are characteristics that one develops right from his or her childhood that are important in any profession. Integrity, honesty and ethics are all prime in the list. Recently I was a PM on a project which was very challenging because we had significant number of issues in the product and the go-live date was postponed once. As part of the project, one of the tasks was to evaluate some of the issues that were persistent with the prior version of the project. This task was assigned to one of the team members. This was of great value to the client, however the team member was also in high demand due to his knowledge and abilities. He however chose to give low importance to this specific task and in the end our project roll off got delayed because of a non-conclusive report. That team member had been assigned other projects which had more visibility from a personal stand point. One thing he could have done is to bring up the conflict ahead of time so we could have gotten another resource, but that didn’t happen. Moreover, with the other projects, he was working directly with senior partners in the company and that added to his need to be on those projects. When I asked him why he didn’t pay attention to closing the task, he mentioned he was on a project that was on fire and got backing from his manager that was indeed the case. But little did his manager know the importance of my project  nor that fact that the resource was assigned months ahead and was already involved. In the end, I managed to get the job done thanks to another team member. But my point is, ethics and integrity would have demanded that one doesn’t prioritize tasks based on their own selfish needs.

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