Pathetic state of medical care in the US

OK, I am another several millionth person complaining or adding to the complaints. The fact is that I can’t get into any discussion about medical care in the US without getting angry. Yesterday, I did an hour’s worth of yard work cleaning up the patio and the garage. If you want to find a good use to that tornado leaf vacuum/blower, use it in your garage often. It sucks up the dirt much more effectively and can reduce your time washing the garage. Anyway by 4 PM, I was getting breathless and soon realized it had to be the dust associated with the morning’s work. This had happened to me about 3 weeks back, but I thought the breathlessness was due to the humidity. But now I am fairly certain that it is the dust that was constantly getting kicked up that was the cause. I managed to walk around – we were visiting the Poconos temple to pray for my ailing mother – but however less I exerted, it was getting worse. Soon a few steps was making me gasp for air. I hung around till 7:00 PM when we were heading back and finally called my Primary Care Physician’s (PCP) office. I was hoping he could talk to me and get me some inhaler prescription. After about 30 minutes, a nurse or a doc – can’t say who it was – called me back and asked me to go to the ER. Going to the ER is a super expensive process. I would end up paying at least a thousand bucks out of pocket if not more. The women didn’t even bother to ask how I was feeling. If I need to call after-hours hotline only to be told to go to the ER, what is the f@#ing point of that line?

When it comes to maintaining critical services around the world and across the industries, there is always staff for it taking turns and giving up weekends. Why shouldn’t there be such a rotating staff at a PCP. Of course, there is rotating staff at the ER, but why not at a PCP and keep the office open for non-ER care. I guess the PCP staff is just cushy in the United States getting paid well and enjoying weekends. They don’t have the treat of being outsourced, only if there were, then they would get their asses off the couch and show some real care.

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