The poor, rich American

You have to pity the average American. He or she has a better life than most on this world. He is able to afford a good food and food is cheap. However, when it comes to eating despite all the education and information available, the average American’s eating habits and intake is very questionable. Days filled with burgers and pizzas for lunch, dinner again with pizzas, breakfasts made out of those calorie rich biscuits or donuts and a super-heavy meal or dinner added to that – all make for super poor eating. I am constantly surprised at how less vegetables and fruits make up the daily intake when I traveling and with the team. And the photos of ‘great food’ that is posted on Facebook that is enough to turn off someone who is health conscious. Why exactly is this? When someone doesn’t know what good food is, and one doesn’t know what hunger is, and when one doesn’t know what poverty is – all these make up for poor eating habits. In addition, the restaurants in America have a food plate that HAS to appease the eyes – a smaller quantity won’t appeal and secondly, won’t sell. It is easy to charge more when there is more on the plate. And the ignorant end up eating all that is there in the plate! Do this again and again and again and in a very short time span of few years, one’s body would have become a repository for long term suffering. Last week when I was traveling for work, we got to the Friday with lots of work and apparently everyone was set on going back home. For lunch, the order was the invariable pizza. Just the sight of the overflowing cheese and the thick crust made me think why would anyone order this sort of food. Unfortunately it had been 18 hours since I had my last food (dinner) and I managed to eat a slice unwillingly; when you are tied up with no transport and no nearby shops for food, you have to make-do with the bad food. I only pity the ignorance amongst those who enjoy bad pizza.

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