Oprah or no Oprah..

Shopping experience is the same across Europe and Australia. The same snobbish-ery is pervasive in airports as well, where you are evaluated based on how you look and how you speak. Of course, these are exceptions, but Europe still needs to get used to diversity a lot more than it is now. Once coming back from Lillie, France to London, the immigration agents were way too inquisitive about why I was getting to London. Another time, I had to undergo more than two security checks at the Heathrow airport just because I looked tired and when tired, I wasn’t speaking up. In Sydney, Australia it was no difference. We walked into a brand-name store to look at a pair of shoes as my wife didn’t carry shoes good enough for the bridge climb and we had a poor experience  with questioning eyes. I am sure this isn’t unique to us but to many. Much of Europe and the rest of the former English commonwealth need to get used treating others well. No wonder, there are so many Europeans who make a trip to the US to do their shopping, not only because of the lesser expense, but also because a customer is King in the US, not just those who carry titles!

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