Please ban Baseball in America!

The recent ‘punishments’  handed off to Alex Rodriguez and other baseball players seems like a slap on the wrist given that it doesn’t address the core problem in baseball – that of use of drugs. If you think professional baseball players will stop using performance enhancing drugs now on, then one is pretty naive. These players and other professional sports players will find other substances that will evade testing. The reason I titled this post so is because the baseball league in the US has to address the problem once and for all. It pains me to think there are so many young people slogging off their asses to make it to college and end up not getting their dreams fulfilled, let alone get a decent scholarship that will cover the expenses. These kids aren’t taking any performance enhancing drugs to outdo the competition, do they? They are playing it honest. In the meantime, the so called professionals make millions of dollars and more all the time while cheating the fans right under their nose. To think Alex Rodriguez is an all time great and a role model is to do great injustice to the millions of hard working kids and people.

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