67th Independent year of rampant abuse, illiteracy and poverty

India’s 67th independent year and it might be a good reason to celebrate. After all, being under a foreign rule is something totally different and many of our generation would never know what it was like. Think of the inability to openly discuss issues, protest official abuse, having to treat someone with ‘respect’ just because one was of fairer color and not to mention the abuse one had to take if involved in a protest. All this in a land believed totally to be ours. The history of India has many glorious and inglorious kings and just before the British arrived, it was fragmented and it was a great advantage to the British who all along had one King or Queen and were openly united. Coming back to the point, while it might be a reason to celebrate India’s another year of freedom, it isn’t the same to almost 70% of the population who still struggle to meet a day’s needs. These are folks who have as many children as they can so that they can send them to work and get that extra bit of food for the family. At the same time, we have billionaires – mostly corrupt – who rule the country and speck the administration. These are people who rampantly abuse power in total disregard to what they were elected or selected to do. It is just a matter of time, when the more open-forum Indians will take to the streets much like in Egypt and the Arab world and express their dissatisfaction against the government. Until such time, I pray to God that he deals mercilessly – which he has failed to do so until now – with the corrupt.

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