Getting nightmares?

You walk up the large hall’s fancy staircase – but you don’t find the many tables and chairs that you saw yesterday. You know you should have been on the plane by now but you haven’t even finished packing. You are still struggling to prepare for your exams but you are aware that all your friends have graduated and gotten jobs and are into it for many years. Relax, these are all nightmares! There may be many reasons to get nightmares and many people will try to interpret nightmares and even ordinary dreams. However that is not what I want to do. The reason I get nightmares is a way for my body to wake me up to take care of things uncomfortable to it. For e.g., on a cooler night, I have forgotten to wear my socks and I am losing heat via my feet. Or my pajamas are too tight or it is time to empty my bladder. It is that simple! Of course, I get dreams that might hint at something else more pleasant or necessary, but that is totally up to me. But when I get nightmares, it is clearly that my body needs attention.

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