Yoga – again?

Ha, I will be teaching Yoga again at the Montgomeryville temple starting this month. My classes will be on the second Sundays – for timings please check the temple’s web site. It is abou.t two years since I stopped teaching Yoga due to a surgery. Getting back to teaching is good in that I will be more regular in practice. Teaching gives the opportunity to share your knowledge and in the end you feel good – just good, whether it be about making others feel good or getting that round of thanks at the end of the class, etc are really immaterial. As Krishna said in Bhagawad Gita – do what you can without expecting anything and teaching a Yoga class is one of them. Teaching at the temple can be disheartening many times with the poor turnout pretty much every week, but I guess those who come will benefit and the numbers shouldn’t matter. This is one way to look at it to keep myself motivated. It is great if there are 30-40 people and you are giving away instructions and one might feel popular. But a small class gives the opportunity to ‘connect’ more with the class. They can read your mind more and you, theirs. One gets to appreciate the simple fact that there are other lives around you and in that, you drive away yourself from isolation.

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