United Nations – really?

The UN is a pretty useless body now-a-days. Take Syria for e.g., where civilians have been killed and massacred for the past three plus years and the world is just watching still. The UN has been pretty ineffective is bringing the Syrian government to justice. Now that, at last, the US has taken notice and is working on doing something, where is the UN’s support? The United Kingdom is concerned more about the economy that human rights violations at this time – forget about all they stood for in the past. France has shown an inclination to support the US – old bedmates don’t forget the good times, I guess. And coming to the United States – why does it need to wait for a psuedo red line to start making a case for an attack? Why wait all these years to muster world-wide support? Back to the UN- the security council has been rendered pretty lame by the induction of China. China has its own interest and it cares a shit about human rights. Same goes with Russia – they HAVE to oppose the US. Take their ludicrous denial of the proof the US presented about chemical weapons attack recently. So with Russia and China always voting against the US, the UN will not have a consensus against Syria, N. Korea or Iran because in all these countries, both China and Russia have knee-deep interests.

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