Transient justice?

As widely reported in the media, the death sentences to the accused Delhi gang-rape perpetrators, it might be just transient. Given India is known not to follow up on executions. The sentencing does however sends a couple of messages a) that India’s justice system can work fast when required b) that violence against women isn’t tolerable. The death sentence is a definite deterrent to others. The challenge is how the multitude of other such perpetrators – remember the Swiss tourist who got raped, the incident in West Bengal, the one in UP committed by allegedly Nepalese truck driver and crew – will be brought to justice. The ineffective law and order in India has encouraged crimes in India so much so that people don’t even report crimes in many cases. And those who complain need to battle powerful connections and the lethargic justice system. On so many counts India has lost so many opportunities to be a role-model nation. Freedom in 1947 showed rays of hope that the leaders and administrator just used to be in power and stay in power. This sentence is but a ray of hope that India is doing things the right way.

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