Leading the way, truly

As you watch the end of Zero-dark Thirty, you see the lead CIA agent Maya shedding tears as she recollects her ordeal. An ordeal that spanned over twelve years in the pursuit of Bin Laden. And life as a CIA agent is never glamorous as in Hollywood movies. Always in the run-and-hide game, always facing danger, working no fixed hours, the movie and the character gives us a glimpse of what the intelligence and military community does to protect America. Recently I read a post on Facebook that it would be 9-11-2013 again if the US invaded Syria after the recent chemical attack on civilians. What these people don’t get is they either stand for the act or against the act. There is no between ground as human beings. Few countries in the world had the guts to oppose what Syria did and America took the lead. While America might have tried to protect its own interest across the globe, it certainly has stood up for human rights more than any nay-saying country. Screw Russia! They plan the game always. Especially now that they are not a force to reckon with as in the past, they have to go anti-America. They don’t say that what Syria did was wrong, but defend Syria against a diplomatic assault on the nation by the US. So does China. These countries aren’t leaders of the world. They don’t stand for humanity. They don’t have a history of setting things right like the American people who fought against the British, proclaimed fairness and justice to all, fought against slavery and separatism, supported the ethnics of the slavic regions. Yes, overall America goofed up Vietnam and Iraq per popular opinion – hopefully this doesn’t happen again. America doesn’t have the guts to fight China against currency-fixing or anti-trade practices in outright saying no to China, but when it comes to human rights and humanitarianism, the US has led the way.

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