Maine calling

IMG_3284It has been over 15 years since we had taken a Fall trip. This was way back in Grand Rapids, Mi. Fall time was one of the best time there. The Upper part of the state is gorgeous. In fact it was a fall tradition to take a fall trip to Mackinac Island. Once we drove beyond into the sparsely populated Upper Peninsula for view of some pristine land. You hardly see civilization once you are in those northern latitudes. I distinctly recall a few memories from there – the area called as Paradise Island being one of them. It is limestone cliffs immersed in water as clear as water can be. Then there is that drive always across the Mackinac bridge to get to Upper Peninsula. There is always signs posted on the bridge warning drivers of winds in excess of 50 mph and it wasn’t uncommon. The bridge would sway and cause drivers a great deal of discomfort. We had driven as far up as St. Sue Marie where the ships are lowered in an engineering marvel of dock construction from one of the five fresh water lakes to another (Lake Superior to other lakes), thereby permitting ships to navigate the waters, which otherwise would be too turbulent due to the height differences.

Anyway we decided to take fall trip this year. It had to be a weekend trip though. Fall colors in US means the New England area. When I looked up availability just two weeks prior to leaving, I found an US Airways flight to Bangor, ME. There was availability to Boston and other areas, but Maine is one state that I hadn’t visited. A quick search for fall drives found many options, one of them being a drive up to the Acadia National Park. A few photographs on the national park website was enough to convince me that was where we were going. Rama had to take off from work an hour or so early to catch a 9:00 PM flight. Late flights have a huge delay risk due to the cumulative delays over the day, but we had no choice. So we left home Friday evening to Philadelphia International airport. Checking in was easy enough on Friday evening as was finding parking. One hour of flying landed us in Bangor International airport. The airport is a small airport for its name with just about 2 or 3 gates. In fact as you step out of the airport doors, you see the hotel Sheraton right on the other side and all you have to do is to walk across to the hotel. Picking up a rental car was more time-consuming as it was a small airport. At larger airports, Hertz would already have parked a car in my name and displayed the name and stall number on a display board. I wouldn’t even have to talk to anyone. 10 minutes after waiting at the desk, we were finally off with a nice upgrade to a Volvo S80. The car looked shiny new but had 27k miles on it. I was glad to get a bigger car as we had quite a bit of driving to do. It was a five-mile ride to the Courtyard. Though the hotel had some construction going on, the front desk made quick work of checking us in and I was in bed at 11 PM, just two hours after flying out of home


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