To your hearts content

Singing is a great way to enjoy your free time. The expression of music through your voice is one of the most common outlets for creativity. I read a few tips about developing your singing voice. One tip that isn’t very commonly heard is to keep your mouth open while singing. A good rule of thumb is two fingers between the teeth. It takes a bit of practice, but I did find that by doing so my voice isn’t muffled for sure and I could convey more energy in the voice. A second tip is to keep the chin down while singing high notes. The natural thing to do is to left your head up, but this causes tension in the throat muscles and restricts the flow of air.  The more relaxed the muscles are, the more control you can achieve. And to feel the voice resonate, you need to be able to hear the voice in your head and even the top of the lungs. I have felt the resonance in both the places but haven’t mastered it yet. When I started singing two years ago, I would force my voice to sound like what I wanted to hear. Over a period of time, I have learnt not to do that. In so doing, I feel I have developed more melody in the voice. Character of the voice is one thing or expressing character is one thing and melody is another thing totally. When you want to sing a song that is popular, you have to remember a lot goes into producing that song. An estimate is an equivalent of 1000 hours of everybody involved into producing that quality effect. Whenever I sing at home, I always expect my voice to sound close to the original, but that never happens. I was watching Kishore Kumar live on YouTube and you will be amazed how much different some of his songs sounded in a public orchestra. And the great singer himself wasn’t too faithful to the original in rendering the song. ‘Mere Sapno ki Rani’ from Aradhana is one example. Here is a link to it. The key here is to entertain; thus it seems okay to me to alter the song or express it in your own way as long as it is still music i.e., you don’t botch pitch or melody.

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