As does the Space Shuttle, so has to man!

This weekend was a busy and taxing one. First off, my client was supposed to go live Monday and there was a show-stopper I was responsible for. Basically the issue was a piece of functionality that works fine in the base product wasn’t working in the client’s environment. This was an issue for a few days. I had spent a lot of time on this trying out all known options. Customer Service basically had their hands-off as this wasn’t a product issue per them. In the past, if I had a showstopper for a go-live I would have been very stressed. But knowing I had given my 200%, I thought I need to take this into my stride.

Anyway aside from the above pressing pain, we had to attend a sweet sixteen for a dear girl I know and seen her grow since she was three or so. It was a great party and lots of people. Food and music was staple as always with the young DJ doing a great job. The dance floor was invaded by the younger folks and the ladies and we men folk were satisfied watching the fun đŸ™‚ It is always great to get to one of these ‘people’ parties – lots of laughter, smiles and colorful atmosphere. It is also a pleasure to watch the children we had seen now blossomed into young men and women, independent and confident and positive about their future. This is so much different from when we were growing up. Future was always for those who studied Engineering or Medicine and the brightest of these could relax about their future. But in the land of opportunities, with a 7% unemployment rate (even if it a real rate of 20%), it is no match to the doomsday outlook of those not so western countries, India being one of those.

I was talking to this friend of mine and we were talking about vegetarianism and how we were brought up and how we had changed. Apparently when he came to America, there wasn’t so much of a choice for vegetarian food and he had to dip into the offerings available. He mentioned that if we go to a Chinese restaurant (according to a Chinese friend of his), even rice has chicken or beef stocking and his friend claimed that he had already eaten meat or non-veg food! Slowly as he found out the ingredients he said he started giving up on food he didn’t know that much. This giving up included alcohol. In India, people go to visit one of their holiest places – Banaras or Kashi – and while praying they willingly give up one of their most cherished food items. This has been  tradition of thousands of years. The key is that one gives up a cherished item not something he or she doesn’t like. Of course, they can give up any number of these, but one is  a minimum. So this friend of mine was talking up this fact to what the Space shuttle does. As the shuttle goes higher and higher, it has to lighten itself and dumps out pieces of itself to reach its goal. Fantastic analogy. We human-kind need to do the same. We carry a lot of this that are unwanted and we can move forward only when we stop hanging onto these.

06-Oct-2013 06:51, Canon Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XS, 9.0, 31.0mm, 0.004 sec, ISO 200

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