A date at Tabora

Perfect morning for a fall day. If you noticed, the clouds are fluffier and much lower and we love that. The heavy rains yesterday morning made way for some very picturesque skies. Add to this, the peak fall colors around makes it a pleasure to drive around.

We stepped out today to get some groceries and pick up food for a party at one of our friend’s place. On the way out, Rama mentioned there was a nice coffee shop behind the Lansdale rail station. I don’t mind stopping for a good cup of coffee and if it is a unique coffee shop, I am all for it. So on the way back, we stopped at Tabora cafe. It is besides the tracks on the side closer to Valley Forge road. So if you are driving north on Valley Forge road, make a right onto Main street in Lansdale and drive up to the tracks. Make a left before the tracks and park anywhere.

Tabora is a coffee shop that also serves sandwiches, pastries, soups, snacks, spices, etc. It has a lot of natural light unlike a Starbucks inside a mall. This is what is nice about non-branded coffee shops – they have a charm of their own.  Today is a Saturday. These days I fast on Saturdays i.e., I only have dinner. But coffee was within my scope for the day. We ordered a latte and a chai latte. Tabora has a longish setting spanning from N Madison Ave till the tracks. I noticed some vegetarian options for sandwiches and lots of natural snacks. Sitting down at the sort of lounge and watching a bit of the Saturday early afternoon go by was a perfect date with Rama. It is interesting how once you get away from any Main street to the streets back you see a totally different picture. It was almost as if we went back 25 years in time to look at the old hardware shop and the equally movie like setting that was a tax service business. There were hardly any people walking except for a couple who had decided to take their newborn baby out for a sunny morning stroll.

I had talked to mother a day before and she was in a lot of pain. The doctors seemed to have decided she is at her end and stopped all antibiotics. She was being fed only glucose as she would throw up even with a sip of water. I could sense she was in tears when she said that she couldn’t bear the pain. No pain medication was help her and no medicine was putting her to sleep.  I could sense she was mentally very alert and guess that was what was keeping her from falling asleep, but I can’t any better being thousands of miles away. When all you know about a person is his or her suffering and nothing else to distract you, then your feelings for that person intensifies. I am praying all the time that He makes it easy for mother. I always feel angry at God for ending life that had been beautiful. Why should it end – it makes no sense. I know what you are thinking – life cycles, karma, life after death, etc. But all this is what we believe. Wish God had life differently than just a beginning and an end. Don’t ask me what or how – I don’t have the answer.

We need to keep moving on despite all that happens around us. Getting stuck whether it is your fault or someone else is still a way not to move forward. So I keep thinking of other things that God throws at me – like this day which was a perfect date with Rama.


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