Breathing the yogic way

In past, it is known that yogis used to measure the length of one’s life by the number of breaths. This led them to practice slow breathing with the simple theory that increasing the duration of a breath led to increase in the duration of one’s life. In Hindu mythology, we have read about many well known figure such as Dhrona in Mahabharatha and Krishna in Vishnu purana controlling their death by going into meditation. Thus there has been a lot of emphasis on breathing properly. I was surprised to come across this article and site¬†Doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, whose research has observed/proven the link between an increase in breathing speed and hastening death. He also observed that deliberate acute hyperventilation quickly worsened the health of patients. His research also proves the great value of diaphragmatic breathing, which is the recommended method of breathing in Yoga. This research is also clearly supportive of pranayama techniques which the yogis taught as part of yoga – their motto, ‘controlling one’s breath, one can control one’s destiny’. Fantastic find for the day!

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