Lessons – hard and exemplary!

There are many questions you can’t find answer to in life and one of those is death. Why should death happen? What happened to that person who was with us and is just not there anymore. How can she or he disappear? The memories come flooding back after one passes away so much so that it is hard to grasp why those memories didn’t come when the person was alive. I didn’t even have to summon any image, but images of mother was floating in my mind all the first 48 hours after she passed away. Her voice was strong as ever in these memories. I could hear her enjoy the simple joys that she used to love – be it hear a praise from someone about one of her children or talking about her childhood. Her voice was always engaging that someone to talk and participate in the present – that was her way of forgetting the challenges of her past and even present.  Why would He take away a life? What purpose does that solve? It is also hard to believe that there is no life after death as much as it is hard to believe that there IS life after death. That life, that sold wasn’t destroyed by the disease or cancer, it was the body that was. After nearly 3 1/2 days after mother’s passing, I see the images not as frequent but whenever it comes to mind, it is as strong as ever. Unfortunately we on earth have to carry on and look forward to our own end. It is just irreplaceable the kind words of concern and caring I heard from many friends and family members. Everyone has their life to lead, but taking time to share a moment in times of difficulty makes a huge difference. I was surprised how many of those I know expressed their desire to come visit us and spend some time. These are times where life teaches you the hard lessons as well as those that one needs to learn and use to set an example of.

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