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Flew to Bangalore Wednesday and landed Thursday night. The layover at Dubai was not too long. At Bengaluru airport, bumped into my elementary school dost (friend)/ classmate – Hari. Adi had come to pick me up. He had been through a rough patch where he had fractured his left hip bone and was still on crutches. The ride to home was long with Bangalore traffic not calming down even at 7:30 PM in the evening. It took about an hour and a half.  The expressway to the airport is in the final stages and once complete would ease the situation. However, there was quite a backlog at Mekri circle and again at Lalbagh circle. I keep hearing new services prop up whenever I visit. This time it was the driver service available. You can call a registered company and they will loan you a driver who is registered, licensed and traceable. And the cost is Rs. 250 for the first four hours. This was a great deal compared to hiring a private driver as they would be available only on a daily basis and the cost was Rs. 800 the last time we were in the city in 2011.

I decided to visit home as brother had arranged the religious rituals. These on surface might appear to have no meaning. However, it has provided me the opportunity to meet so many of my relatives that I had not even been in touch for the past 20 years. It was heart-warming to see so many turn up. The couple I had some time to talk about mother were so appreciative of her outlook about life, her desire to learn and ability to live with any hardship as long as there were people around. She was the eldest among my grandfather’s family and I could make out that she had a lasting impact on them all. As I had written before, she having passed SSLC in first class was unheard of in those days for a girl. If there was a gathering, even a political one, she would be a go-to person to have an opening statement/speech made. I hadn’t heard some much praise expressed about one person within family. Wish I had while she was there. I almost feel I knew her well but didn’t have a connection as much as I would have liked or as much as I desire now.

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