Even before I met Ranga, I came to know of him when I accidentally bumped into another TCS friend of mine – Sridar, at one of the grocery shops. I think I was looking for something and he helped me out and I got to know he was Sridar and he worked at TCS before and had come to US via IMR. IMR was the company much like TCS but on a smaller scale. There was a lot of TCS’er who left for IMR in the hopes of getting a visa and a no-contract trip to the US. I learnt he had also been to IIT Madras and once I came to know he was a TCS’er, I asked him about Ranga. He mentioned Ranga was in a Chicago suburb and gave me his phone number. I thought I will pull a prank on him and called him. As soon as he picked up the phone, I introduced myself as a recruiter and that I was looking for smart people for a position, blah, blah, blah. Range fell for it and started explaining that he wasn’t looking for a job and he will keep his options open, etc. I didn’t want this to go on long so I broke the news that it was me. Ranga was delighted and somewhat relieved. He still remembers this even today and we talk about our first conversation. Soon he found out that I had come with family and he wanted to meet Vikas. Thus in less than a month after landing in US, I had rediscovered a close friendship. Moreover Rama became very close to Ranga’s wife and that friendship has gotten only stronger over the past nineteen years.

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