Vaikunta Samaradhane

10x12Vaikunta is the place of the Lord. Samaradhane – is a celebration. It was a celebration for mother to reach His abode. With Vedas and Upanishad chanting, and chantings from her student’s, mother reached the heavens today. It was the 14th day after her physical life ended. Sitting through all the poojas and more importantly with so many of her friends and family visiting her, I was in no doubt that she was destined for Vaikunta only. It was touching to see so many people showing up on a week day. She had touched many people in her own way. In her last twenty years she probably did what she wanted to do all her life i.e., to be with and meet a lot of people. It isn’t a small accomplishment when one can go out and meet strangers and make them all respect you. She did that. Rest in peace, Mother!

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