Lola’s Kitchen

Had the fortune to visit Toronto this weekend for a production cut over. It was killing cold or maybe I am not used to that sort of cold anymore. The skies were cloudy – I heard Toronto doesn’t see much sun at all during winter. With hardly any winds, the flu season peaks during this time of the year. Every time I come to Canada and at immigration you state that you are here for work, the officials get their inquisitiveness very high. If you say you are there for implementation or any tech kind of work, the don’t view it positively as you are avoiding getting a work permit and paying taxes for one. Secondly, when you do the work, it is taking work away from Canadians – at least that’s what I have heard. Anyway, getting past immigration was a breeze. The cab-wallah – a Punjabi – drove me through the back streets getting me a glimpse of the money  invested in real estate there, easily competing for top honors with prime areas elsewhere in the US. By the way, I heard the Chinese are heavily investing in US real estate and their main focus has been, what else, New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago and another city (has to be Washington DC, I am guessing). I got to the client on time. The client is a service provider to one of Teradata’s clients in turn and is a small company of 300 or fewer people. What struck me was two things one) the staff average age, at least within the systems department, was probably less than thirty. Secondly, the amount of French that is used and appallingly it isn’t restricted to the males. One girl was happily cursing away as though it was her only chance to gain attention in a male dominated space. The upgrade went much smoothly. If not for their poor experience with a previous one, I wouldn’t have been there. Thanks for all the botch-work, I could add some mileage to my airlines account!

Lolas KitchenToday it has been mostly waiting while the team does their testing. Home Alone 2, an episode of two-and-a-half-men where Charlie tries vasectomy and more TV gotten me bore-ridden. I stepped out to find breakfast and walked into Timothy’s world of Coffee. I couldn’t resist a latte in such cold weather and it was only so much good. The oatmeal was sufficient to garner some morning energy. It was past 2 PM when the team Lead sent out an update stating testing is still going on and it was good news so far. I thought I will grab lunch and again walked out into the cold. Just about 100 steps and I was reminded that I had a cap and I better use it. Yesterday, lunch was at Lola’s kitchen which is a mix of Mediterranean and western cuisine. They had quite a few Vegan options. Now-a-days, I am more vegan than vegetarian after reading many of the cheeses have a substance made of animal substance used to ferment the cheese. Lola’s offerings were impressive and the couscous was excellent along with the Falafel. the Falafel reminded me of our own ‘ambodes’, which are ouch, deep-fried lentil patties! I thought I will get some hot Indian food, but the Indian Hut on Church Street was closed for business. I somehow missed my destination of Kothari’s – maybe I was distracted watching the Toronto weekend crowd which was mostly on the younger side. Maybe because I was close to University town. As in New York, you can’t help notice the sense of fashion the younger generation has and of course, the tons of money they are willing to spend on ‘keeping-up’! Anyway, I ended up again at Lola’s Kitchen. Unfortunately they were still running the brunch menu and I had to settle for another breakfast – granola, with fried coconut, honey, yogurt and maple sauce. It was delicious. Next time don’t add milk to breakfast, but add yogurt to that cereal. Next time you are in Toronto, don’t forget to dine-in or take-out from Magic Oven. They have some wicked vegan and vegetarian options!

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