Why grant Diplomatic immunity?

Why should a diplomat be given immunity from prosecution? If he or she commits a crime, why should the law of the land take a side step? In the recent case of an Indian consulate officer, she was arrested for Visa fraud and underpaying her maid. She was strip searched and imprisoned. This all appears appalling to Indians from the sub-continent who are used to treating crime with different yardstick for different people. The New York attorney general’s office has done five months of investigation before it came to press charges, which seems a reasonable amount of time to me. Moreover, one can’t be prosecuted with merely vengeance for whatever reason in the US as the penalties the prosecution (and the city/state involved) has to pay. So there seems to be a reasonable justification for pressing charges here. America is the land of just; while it isn’t perfect, these examples of implementation must be supported and used as a lesson how a demo-cracy should be.

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