Thanks to the Prius Engineers!!

Our Sunday started as a rainy morning. This was to continue all day. But that didn’t stop us from wanted to step out and visit a temple and do some grocery shopping which required a 90 minute drive. On the way back, it was still raining almost cats and dogs! And the nearly 10-mile backup on the turnpike didn’t help. In all the commotion, we hadn’t noticed fuel gauge. As we took the exit 6 on the NJ turnpike, got the beep that indicated we had gas left for about 25 miles!! From then on, my eyes were riveted to that reading. I was hoping we will make it to the Ft. Washington exit, but about 5 miles before, the reading said zero miles. I was forced to take the next exit. I think I drove for about 1/2 mile with the reading still at zero. As luck would have it, I drove into a gas station and was able to fill up without getting stuck mid-way on the roadside. After filling 9.47 gallons of gas, curious enough, I checked the specs of the Prius and found that the tank capacity is 11.5 gallons. That means we still had 2 gallons of gas left but drove 20 minutes on the turnpike holding our breath all along. In a way, a 2 gallon safety is way too much of it (that is nearly 20% safety margin), but it now gives me peace-of-mind knowing that next time I will have another 90 miles to drive even after the prius says zero.

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