Don’t limit yourself

scapegoatSetting limits to oneself is good in circumstances where one needs to establish behavioral standards – things such as mind what you say, mind how much to ask of someone’s personal affairs, etc. When it comes to expanding your horizons, don’t limit yourself. These could be learning something new or meeting new people.  Many times, just because of an incident that wasn’t favorable, one might just shut off the other person. Instead, just let it go and just be open to receiving them again whenever the opportunity arises. There might be many reasons unknown to one why such an incident resulted in something different than expected. By letting go of just that one thought, you set yourself free to being open. If you thought it was unfair by your own high standards, then you have nothing to lose really. Lot of times losers end up whining because they don’t know better – hence the phrase ‘don’t act like a loser’.

Recently watched a great movie  – ‘The Scapegoat’ based on the novel by Daphne Du Maurier. It was excellently entertaining and reminded me a lot of many Bollywood/Sandalwood movies where the lead actor takes on dual roles – good and bad. The Scapegoat is much more believable and probably (the original story by Maurier) would have been a basis for such movies in the highly plagiarized industry that is Bollywood/Sandalwood.


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