Nearly dead

fatsickandnearlydead Watched the documentary – very revealing and educating. It is about how one’s success can lead to a health-failure if one isn’t aware of one’s food intake. 61% of food that is consumed in the US is processed food – food that has barely any nutrients. On top of that, the average person in the US takes in five times more meat (processed, again) than is recommended in a week – all of this just in one day!! Rest of the food is starchy rice (isn’t fries part of every meal?), leaving about just 5% for fruits and vegetables, but much of this is potatoes. Any fruit juice we drink is processed. Pizzas, cheese, donuts – all the bad food is within easy reach of children. Food isn’t cooked at home now-a-days and children grow up thinking the food they eat (pizza, cheese, ice-cream) is the food that they should be eating. If you ask an average person down somewhere in the central US, they will say that the fruit juice is plain bull and that he or she is a meat person. They have no concept of what is good and what is not. America has the incidence of the most obese, most diseased people on earth and all of this is because of the marriage of industry (agri) and Congress. At some point way back, when margarine was introduced, some states passed laws requiring that it be colored pink so that one could distinguish it from real butter. About 50 years back, transportation was so expensive that food was grown locally and consumed fresh(er). Oranges were given as Christmas presents. But these are so readily available now, it isn’t fancy anymore, but sugar, sugar, sugar is. Screw the fructose, screw the diet-sodas, screw the artificial food (no-fat yogurt crap) that gets marketed on the unknowing mind so much these days, for they will come back to screw your health and America soon if not already.

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