You learn the hard way or …




Listen to someone else who has traversed the path and gain insights. Simple, right? But we don’t always follow that. Case in point – myself !!! I was listening to Rick Warren’s audio message off his book – ‘The Purpose Driven Life’.  He says you can achieve peace by three things:

– Acceptance

– Trust

– Surrender

It took me over two decades to practice acceptance. When we face a situation that doesn’t work for us, as the pastor says, we all tend to question ‘Why?, Why did this happen to us? I have been good all along’, etc, etc. But you won’t find the answer to all the whys. Thus, you will find peace by accepting the situation. It might be hard to accept, but you can’t change what has happened and there is no better option here. Secondly, Trust is a BIG factor. I grew up in an atmosphere where mistrust was necessary else one would be taken for a ride all the time. There are con-men, there are cheaters, and then there are liars. The survival system is built on the premise of mistrust. A smart person would be practising mistrust from a very young age in such an atmosphere. However, once I emigrated to the US or the western world, it is a lot different. People are more honest and so are businesses. Yes, I am come off as naive – we know we have to be careful and read between the lines. But I am comparing relatively here. On an individual level, I have experienced less back-biting in this country than what I have been accustomed to back in India. That’s the plain truth. So, this habit of mistrust kept me from progressing both personally and professionally. When you don’t take what you see or hear on their words, you are spending a lot of energy and time in trying to validate those. In addition, you lose an opportunity to connect or move forward due to mistrust. In a professional atmosphere will mostly like-minded people, one has to decide whether to largely trust or not. Again over two decades, I have learnt my lesson to be more trusting and I have found this to be not just helping me progress but all has provided me peace.

Now, for the third thing – Surrender. This is one item I haven’t mastered and hopefully it won’t take me a few more decades to realize its potential. Happy Monday!

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