Keeping at it!

arjunaWhat does it take to stay motivated? How does one stay motivated? Motivation is a psychological feature that induces an organism to act towards a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal-directed behaviors. Motivation is the desire to do things, that you either like to do or want to do. You do things for your own sake. You don’t go by what effect it has on others. Assuming you have decided on a good goal, you have to keep one other word in mind – perseverance i.e., to keep at it. There can be obstacles, distractions, hurdles, etc. All of these are de-motivators. Somethings just body language can be a de-motivator. Hence the need to stay razor focused. Your goal has to be immovable. Your eye-sight has to have only one thing in its view and that would be the goal. In one of the Indian mythologies – Mahabharata, the guru Dronacharya sets up a test for his students. He places a bird at the center of the dome high above in the ceiling. The students are asked to look at the bird’s reflection in a pool of water below and they need to shoot the eye of the bird with their bow and arrow. Dronacharya asks his students before they shoot. Each one gives a different answer. One say, he is enamored by the intricate work on the ceiling. Another says something else. Likewise all his students give differing answers, but none what the guru wants to hear. Finally, he asks Arjuna, what he sees. Arjuna replies he sees the eye of the bird and then goes on to hit the target without any problem. Likewise another student of his, Ekalavya, is so focused that he can distinguish where his target is just by hearing the source of the sound and is able to kill his target by closing his eyes. Such is the focus required to achieve a goal. Unless you are single-minded in your goals, you just can’t achieve it. Everything else will be a distraction. Stay focused. Think of the bird’s eye at such a distance and what it takes to just be able to see the eye alone!

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