Fantastic weekend!


Had a great weekend. So, what did  I do? I resume teaching yoga. Gathered with a few good friends at one of our friend’s home and stretched-away for about an hour. It felt great to ease through the paces of a class. Even mild stretching with good breathing over an hour can do wonders for your mind and body. Had two small children attending the class with their parents and they were amazing. For seven-year olds, they sat through the entire class without any issue. I normally discourage children less than 10 years of age from attending yoga classes as they cannot sit still for more than 5-10 minutes let alone follow directions. It is the nature of children – they cannot just sit without any movement. Yogic texts also talk about initiation into yoga right around when boys reach manhood. That is the time when yoga can actually help them to stay focused and channel their energies into something useful instead of letting it go dissipated. Anyway, they were a delight. The class was interspersed with gentle stretching, pranayama, suryanamaskar and shavasan. I found everyone enjoyed the class. Will try to keep this up. It is good for both those who attend and myself. It motivates me to keep fit and at the end of a class, let’s me say ‘Krishnarpan’ meaning ‘in the service of the Lord’ to myself and feel good.

As we grow old, it is amazing how with all the information we now have through the internet and social media, many of us just don’t use the information to stay fit. Instead we use it to literally abuse our bodies. We learn about more choices to eat, more things to make and see more entertainment at our disposal. We tout about all the healthy choices to eat, but we never control how much we eat nor do we recognize what exactly is needed for our bodies to stay healthy. We get lost in trying to stay happy while we lay the foundation for an unhealthy mind and body.  We get into a habit of taking medication as a routine thing instead of trying to address the root cause of the issue. Else why would there be such an alarming increase in obesity in the USA and around the world? We hear even Chinese kids are getting obese. Such is the influence of the modern man’s convenience aiding machinery and appliances. Many are happy in just taking a frozen pizza out of the refrigerator and heating it up and feeling like a chef!! And with the habit of chasing success and a pay-check we forget to take care of our health. Once we earn the money, we can have all we want and be happy, right? That’s the attitude that is taught, directly or indirectly by modern man. There is no limit to what is enough and this unknown dream puts many in that eternal cycle of self-negligence. Amazing, isn’t it?

The graphic has the intermediate and full sun salutation sequences well depicted. You need to coordinate the steps with breathing, but to start it is okay to just learn the steps. Happy Sun Salutations!

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