Tribute to a king!


The king of late night show, Jay Leno, was forced to retire yesterday. His popularity was never questioned – undermined by the fact that he had nearly 15 million viewers yesterday. When other networks are doing okay with such ‘comedians’ as David Letterman (who doesn’t get me to laugh much) and Conan (too silly for an adult entertainer, unless one lacks some on the IQ-front), the infamous NBC executives have chosen to replace him with Jimmy Fallon. I have watched Jimmy, he is funny but holding up an audience the size like Jay has/had is something to be seen. I hope NBC doesn’t have to bag Jimmy after a few months much like they did Conan; if that happens you know who should get fired! I do hope Jay continues. It will be interesting to see if he joins Fox – after all, he hasn’t spared Fox one bit.

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