It is all how you look at it – 2

Some discussion on the post prompted me to write more about the idea of legalizing prostitution. Here goes:

– The problem I am trying to address is how to keep women safer and NOT helping men find an outlet for their desire. The premise is by legalizing prostitution, at least some of such men will overcome their desire to abuse their power.

– Legalizing prostitution is not to make way for women to find it easy to seek prostitution. I was dumbstruck when the proposition was read this way. As parents and family we should continue to educate our children and girls especially in learning values. This approach of teaching morals has paid off in history and will continue to do so in the future.

– There is a lot of dissent against the idea itself. People take offense just to talk about it. Why don’t we address how to make a person be more moral? Of course we should and we have and we will continue to do so. But just this approach hasn’t paid dividends in keeping women safe, right? So we have to address the issue instead of hoping that teaching morals alone will be sufficient.

– There are countries where prostitution is legal but society in general hasn’t progressed. This is not because prostitution is legal but due to the fact of poor governance. The corrupt leaders and the government is to blame for the society’s lack of progress.

– One of the other arguments I heard is to fight the malaise, society should also cater to the demand. NO, it isn’t the society job to provide prostitutes. Then how come there will be some? Well, some women anyway will want to try it out. Aren’t there today? Aren’t there woman who have been in the news after making themselves available to their ‘clients’? There will always be such women. Many young woman do have a ball going around – the sort of party girls. Aren’t there married women who strip dance today? Aren’t there women who do pole dancing for a living? Did we teach them as they grew up to take up these professions? The government or society doesn’t have to think about meeting the demand here. There might be a mismatch in the supply and demand, but that is an after-problem; we aren’t worried about it now or have a solution to it. We want to let things take their course before any (if at all) intervention is required.

– By legalizing prostitution, the idea is some men will have a way to get over it and be able to see the light after. A man determined to seek sex will feel empowered and an outlet will increase the likelihood that he would look at his need differently after the fact. A lack of substance such as alcohol, marijuana is what makes people seek it out. Availability cannot rule out addiction, but the incidence should be smaller. We now have alcohol available and so is tobacco. But with all the education about injury to health, we are in a better place today regarding these substances than when these weren’t available.

– This isn’t the only solution by the way. Law and order has a great deal to do with addressing the issue. Think Middle-East; incidence of crime is so low just because of the fear of law – a hand for a hand is pretty effective in reducing crime. In advanced countries such as the US and other European nations, rape does happen but not to the extent in developing countries. So where is the law and order where it is supposed to be? In these advanced countries there might not be a need for this provision just because of the culture. Young men and women have less of a barrier in seeking company and provides an overall healthier atmosphere than one where we have a plethora of unfulfilled desires. We have to recognize that even in these countries there are young people who stay the course as to what they think is morally right. But we are not talking about those who can deal with a challenge here.

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