Photography Tips – the one advanced feature you want

rawjpegWhen you buy your next digital camera, look for those that saves images in RAW mode. RAW mode is how the camera captures the image and stores w/o ANY processing. Many cameras store the images as processed files (hence when you copy, you see a .jpg extension). With RAW files, you can do edit the images if you need to. A free editor is Picasa – – from Google. You can edit JPG files, but with every save the quality of the image deteriorates. So what exactly you might want to edit. Say, you captured an image in a low light situation, you can add light in the editor. Another simple thing to do is to crop the image i.e., cut out the portions of the image that aren’t For e.g., in the photo, you can edit out the blue wall on the right if you think it is not doing much to the image.

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