Photography Tips – Don’t underestimate the power of…


…presentation. You just came back from that lovely vacation. You took almost a thousand photographs. You are eager to show your friends and relatives how it all went. In this digital age you put those out somewhere on a photo sharing site and ask them to check it out. BIG mistake!! What was the mistake?

Well, you don’t want everyone to see ALL the photos. Some or most of them are bound to bad or throwaway material. Let’s be honest. Even professional photographers don’t take perfect pictures every shot. I have read that if about 10% of them turn out great, that’s pretty impressive. So we laymen-of-photography have a less percentage that will be presentable. Just pick the best or the really good ones and share. Of course, if you took 100 photos, it doesn’t mean you have to put out just ten of them. We are showing it off to our friends and near ones and you can expect them not to be all that critical. But if you are an artist or an author and captured some photographs and want to show your work to the magazine editor, just pick a very few of them that will make the impression.

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