Photography Tips – Editing a photo, cropping

Crop1You take a lot of photos. You are eager to share with your friends. With your latest smartphone or digital camera, sharing is just a click away. But wait! It is always a good idea to review your photo before sharing. You might have captured unnecessary details that aren’t relevant. For e.g., you just took a picture of Buckingham palace. This place is so big that you need to be really far off to get it all in. In the process you would have introduced other elements such as people walking, etc in the picture. You want to present the photo with just want you really wanted to show. Another good example is you are at an event, say a school auditorium. You took photos of your two close friends sitting and enjoying the show. After reviewing the photo closely you see that the two subjects occupy about 50% of the photo. Rest is just the background – other chairs or many things that aren’t really adding anything to the picture. You want to crop off all the unnecessary areas using a tool such as the free Picasa editor.

crop2With today’s large mega pixel cameras, the advantage you have is they capture a lot of details in that tiny frame. This is useful if you want to enlarge the photo. However, we rarely print the photos nowadays, right? So how does it matter? Well, the photo you see on your computer screen is actually a compressed version of the original. In the first picture, you see the subject occupying maybe about 10% of the entire frame. Rest of it may not matter to some. For some, the rest conveys the setting. However, if you just crop out the subject, it gives a different perspective of the photo – a closer look. Cropping is a very common tool used by many photographers – to clear away clutter and to zoom in on what they want to be conveyed. A wildlife photographer cannot go very close to the subject. However, even staying afar and capturing the subject will get him what he wants. He just has to crop out the area from an editor.

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