You are out..thanks to Facebook

leg before wicketSome serious stuff today, read on….

Facebook came into being about 5 years ago and it has certainly contributed to a lot of things, both positive and negative. The Arab Spring or the revolution that started in Tunisia are just a few of the good things. Staying connected with friends is now just a post away. Something unimaginable five years ago before the advent of social media. Yes, we had email, but how many times would you email a friend to say hello – it wasn’t just conducive. The positives can go on and on. There are also negatives. In olden times 🙂 when I was a student, it was known that those studious would achieve their educational goals and one of the things these sort of guys did was not to waste time. You wouldn’t see the top-tier of the class staying back after school and chatting away. It was just common sense not to waste time talking about useless things. Facebook has brought back the option now just so digitally. You see so many posts on Facebook that are just taking away your time and worthless that you have to go through. Best is to turn off such notifications. What is important to one might not be important to another. Added to this is the aspect of a new criteria for judging people! i.e., whether or not someone likes one’s post. You can see a lot happening if you don’t take the time to like a post. An initial query about whereabouts is bound to happen. Then something dark starts to happen. You will get branded as being selective! Yes, you might be on Facebook for a lot of good reasons and will come across good information. When you like those and not some, then you have opened up a Pandora box in a sense – how can someone like his or her post and not mine. That will be the question on one’s mind even as one goes to sleep. Don’t be surprised if you start getting messages about why you are being selective. All the talk about being fair and just and reasonable and kind and the thousands of such posts that one made don’t stand a chance when the perceived selectively gets personal! Having been on Facebook for over two years now, I have seen this personally. Some friends don’t even exchange conversations based on this perceived dislike to their posts. You will also see posts that are excluding you, but the intent was always that you find because we know Facebook’s weakness – a post liked by a friend is visible to the friend of friend. Given the hundreds of posts that I see as I am part of few groups, I just can’t keep up with liking each post; forget about this – I can’t even read all the posts. So what do I do – I go back to the old rule of dissociating myself to the extent possible from negative influences. Just say what the heck and try to stick to positive influences. Whether Facebook or real life, stick to the positives and create the environment that you will be happy in.

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