Saturday’s Yoga workout

ashtanga-vinyasa-yoga-seriesIt was a lovely morning last Saturday and was perfect for a yoga class. We had an extended session lasting an hour and fifteen minutes and covered a lot of postures and time itself. Normally we practice an hour’s worth of pranayama, asanas and shavasan. However we had taken a week’s break and wanted to make up a bit for it. A 80 minute yoga session is by no means a stretch. There is a lot of reading in this post and take your time. The idea is for those you have some sense of the postures but not much to recollect, this should give you an opportunity to brush-up and recollect a good sequence.

We started off with some focused breathing. Onto Anuloma Viloma pranayama. Energized ourselves with kapalabathi – the first variation in the wiki link. Combined this with Surya bedhana pranayama and Chandra bedhana pranayama. SBP is breathing just through the right nostril and CBP is through the left nostril only. This was followed by equal breathing for a few moments. We then practised the four stage breathing.  The 1:2 pranayama followed which is inhaling for n number of counts followed by exhaling for twice the number of counts for inhalation. Jalandhara banda was then followed by normal breathing. This concluded the pranayama session.

The stretching session started with Seated Mountain – the link describes the same in a standing position.

– Parshva Yoga Mudra i.e., yoga mudra to each side and to the front.

– Seated side bends as in the first photo in this link

– Seated Gomukhasana (variation with using just hands in a seated position)

Namaste on the back

CowCat stretch

Tiger posture on both sides


Followed above with the Camel posture and its variation i.e., the half-camel.

After the above postures seated on the mat, we slowly moved up to a standing namaste posture stopping half way letting the weight of the trunk pull on the lower back with head down. Once standing, we started with Half-Sun Salutation and intermediate Sun salutation which is always energizing.

Veerabhadrasana II

Veerabhadrasana – with forward bend


Tree posture

Veerabhadrasana III (the third depiction in the graphic)

Back onto the mat, on the back

knee-to-chest posture – a variation as in the link  alternating with each leg stretched out on the mat

Rolling on the small of the back

– Shavasana with nice music by Chimaya Dunster, ended the session




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