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When you browse through any online forums, you will see a lot of negative comments. Just check YouTube or any live cricket broadcast on the internet as an example. You see too much passion or even idolatry giving way for lack of judgement to the extent people start abusing each other and more. What one needs to realize is that negative comments don’t do any harm to the other but more damage to the person uttering them. It leaves a bad taste in one’s own mouth than getting a point across. An effective way of criticising a piece of work is to comment on both the positive and negatives of it. Failing to recognize the positives is a failure of the person rendering the critique. One can intersperse both of these throughout. Make sure you end it with a positive and encouraging words. This will inspire the work’s author and make the one critic more respected. The other rampant habit on the forums is to compare one great to another. You will see countless remarks claiming Kishore-da is the greatest or Mohammad Rafi is the best. This is a pointless exercise. Each of these are great in their own sense and it is just impossible to name one as the greatest. If one takes that position today, then someone else is bound to be greater in the future. Comparing a Sachin Tendulkar to a Bradman is another pointless exercise that the Wisden’s of the cricketing world need to avoid. Conditions were so different just about 25 years ago when a Gavaskar would face the mightiest of the world’s known bowling ever without a helmet. In trying to rank someone ahead of another, these is so much that is discounted. Rankings are necessary but what one should avoid is ranking the greatests. After all how can one compare the Niagara falls to the Grand Canyon – both are just awesome!


NPS photo by Michael Quinn

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