imageFive months roll by like no time! How fast time flies!! We wanted to take our so on a trip to Paris for one of his birthdays ever since  he took up French as a second language in High School. That didn’t happen until he was finished with his second year in college. A little  one in the family was visiting  Germany and  that was it.  We had one good reason to be  together again.

We left Friday evening on a flight to Frankfurt. Getting onto a flight nowadays makes me nervous with the Malaysian 370 event and generally. This happens on every business flight – a  little bit of turbulence is enough to make me grip the arm rests  and pray. Not that   I am afraid of death, but the thought of an abrupt end is the key reason.

imageAnyway, the flight was uneventful thankfully. What happened earlier was scarier. When I tried to check-in the website said my flight wasn’t until two days later! I called up US Airways reservations and it took about 25 minutes of working  on the reservation for the rep to take care of the issue. Apparently, the one who worked with us earlier hadn’t finished the job of transferring our tickets  to a new reservation after  we had preponed the trip. Three hundred dollars and all you get in return is a pretty good scare.

Arriving in Frankfurt, it took all of 20 minutes to walk through immigration, pick up our bags and be at the Hertz counter. We got a pretty new S60 wagon. Getting the satellite connection for the GPS took  while. I had gotten the Europe maps for my Garmin on a micro-sd card. This was less expensive than getting a brand new GPS. Entering the destination address in Stuttgart was another thing. The addresses in Germany follow a slightly different format – the street name is listed ahead of the house  number. We were soon driving.  The weekend traffic was pretty light until we hit some sort of accident or construction work. What would have been a two hour drive took about three and a half. Once in Stuttgart, traffic had picked up. The streets are much narrower. About 10 minutes to our destination, the GPS was drained out of battery. Luckily I had the car charger and got through. I was hoping to find broad street parking as in residential areas on the US – not to be. Every street slot was taken. Another ten  minutes and  we were at home with the little one.

imageThe drive from  Frankfurt was interesting. The sides were dotted with lush green farmland and villages that were picture perfect. Small group of homes with tiled roof and Church steeples. I was tempted to stop and take some picture, but I didn’t for wanting to  be home sooner. Parts of the roads were Autobahns, where there are no speed limits and I could swear a few drivers were doing in excess of 200 kmph.


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