Facebook photo uploader for Picasa

If you are a heavy user of Picasa Photo editor, you would have started with posting your photos onto Picasa and Google+. But then Facebook came along and sharing on Facebook became more important to me just because I had more friends on Facebook. Since all my photos are organized in Picasa, which is a great free tool by-the-way, it was nice to be able to upload the photos to Facebook directly from within Picasa. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide that feature. I had to use a third-party plug-in. One of the best ones for this purpose is WebKinesis’ Picasa Uploader to Facebook.

Installing is normally a breeze and the instructions are pretty straight forward. You have to download the setup program for the desktop. Once it is installed, opening it up will display a small window that prompts you to ‘Add a button in Facebook’.  After this, you have to configure Picasa to display the button that adds your photos to Facebook.  This procedure is well documented.

I had used this application for a long time. However, when I moved to Windows 8, somehow it had stopped working. I tried to re-install and ran into issues. After running the setup program, on the page that comes up, I wasn’t getting past the dialog that prompts you to add a button to Picasa. However many times I clicked the button in there, Picasa wouldn’t open up.  Then I realized that Chrome is the default browser and wanted to give it a shot in Internet Explorer. I copied the URL from the address bar in Chrome and pasted it in IE and viola, the installation was successful. I certainly recommend the Pro version which lets you upload 200 photos at a time in high-resolution than the uploader Facebook provides.


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