Photography Tips – Using Flash to your advantage

A wonderful book I read as I was getting my yoga teacher certification about 10 years ago  was ‘Ask and it is Given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks. First thing to do is to ask God for something you want and only then He sets the movement in place so it is given to you. But before you get it, you need to be ready to receive what is given. Unless you feel you are ready for receiving, there is no point in getting it as you won’t be able to handle the implications. When you hear the saying ‘He has plans for you’ and ‘The time isn’t ripe’, accept the situation and let go. It might take more time or even a long time for Him to prepare you to receive what you want, but knowing you weren’t ready to receive will put you at ease.

You can see the shadow on the ground below suggesting that the sun is well behind the subject, but the face is well lighted due to flash fill.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share a tip that is not mentioned often but can be extremely useful for beginners in photography. It is a technique call ‘Flash Fill’. You know when it is dark that a flash needs to be used. But when it is bright and sunny outside, have you ever thought of using a flash? Why would flash be necessary first of all? Let’s say you are taking a photo of a person but the sun is in his or her background. Everything will look good in the photo, but the subject will appear dark. In such situations, using your camera’s flash will lighten up the subject. This is more useful when you have shadows on the face due to the angle of the sun – i.e., parts of the face is lighted up naturally and part isn’t. You will have to hold your camera and direct the flash so that the dark part gets most of the flash. An example of using the technique is along-side. When professional photographers have photo shootouts in the sun, you will have noticed that they have bright silver reflector umbrella sort-of-thing – there are doing the same job as flash-fill but much more effectively.

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