Mudra for headaches

Mahasirs-MudraPer the yogic texts, an increase in energy can ‘swell’ up and get locked in the head. The excessive energy is what causes headaches. A good way to combat headaches is to practice calm ,deep breathing. In addition, mudras or symbols  can combat some ailments. Mudras are symbolic gestures, usually done with the hands, to affect certain energies in the body. As with acupuncture points across the body, mudras aim to stimulate these points. The
Mahasirs mudra – maha for great and sirs for head – is to affect the head. Sit down with your back straight and the whole body relaxed. Take nice, comfortably deep breaths. Touch the thumb with the index and ring finger tips. Press the ring finger tip into the fold of the thumb and extend the little finger out. Rest the hand on the knees with the arms comfortably rested. Practice breathing for 3-5 minutes and the same can be practiced few times a day. You want to gently press the ring finger into the base of the thumb so as to stimulate the energy there.  A good thing to do while practicing the Mahasirs mudra is to visualize energy flowing down from the head with each exhalation. Good, sustained breathing has relieved me of a few, rare headaches that I have had and practicing the mudra is surely worth a try along with change in routine whilst you are undergoing a headache.

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