Photography tips – Catching that motion

_MG_4943We all take photographs – landscape, babies, portraits, etc. All these are still photographs. Subjects don’t move in these shots. When it comes to moving subjects such as sports or animals or people in action, it would be great if you can convey the sense of speed in the photograph. If you have seen a photo of a basketball player jumping and dunking, the moment is frozen in time. You will see very clearly the expression on the face of the player and even those around it. But what is missing the aspect of the speed of the shot. Similarly, on a race track if you capture a car, it would be frozen in time. When you want to convey the aspect of speed, you want to use a technique called ‘Panning’. With this technique, you move the camera along with the subject. If a football player is running towards the goal, you would move the camera in that same direction while keeping the player at or near the center. At the same time, you would be taking photos of the action continuously. For this technique to work, your camera needs to be able to shoot fast – as they call it – in frame per second. The more the better. Many point and shoot cameras come with what is called as the Sports-mode. This makes sure a couple of things – if the camera has the ability to track a subject, it switches it on. Also, the camera switches to shooting in JPEG mode instead of RAW mode. 10454434_10152271110904372_4100291819705600691_oRAW mode captures more details and hence is slower to save onto the card. In JPEG mode, there is more importance in capturing the moment than too much of detail. How much detail the camera captures will be dependent on the ability of the camera. Anyway, when you pan the camera, the subject will be much sharper, but the surroundings will have a blur effect. This blur effect is what conveys the sense of speed. See the two photographs in this post. In the one with the car, the wheel rims are not clearly defined and give a sense of motion and so are the surroundings. With the photo of the boat, you can make out that the guy is really going at a great speed.

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