Dear Uncle, What should I do?


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Dear Uncle,

How are you? Hope you are doing well.

I just finished my exams and got my results which are very disappointing to me. I planned to become an Engineer but with my results, I can only get donation seats that will be a lot of money for our family. All my friends that I know are joining Engineering or Medical either on merit or by donation. I feel left out. What should I do? Please advice,




Dear Vishya,

Thanks for writing to me. First off, congratulations on passing the exams. There are many not as fortunate as you – they might have failed or even not able to take the exams due to reasons of their own. You should be thankful to God for the opportunity he has provided you in able to get to this stage.

Also, thank God for the opportunity he has presented to you with these results. Don’t think only Engineers and Doctors are successful in life. If you just look around yourself, I am sure you will find many without these qualifications. It all goes by how you define success. If making money or having a fancy house and car is your definition, then you are off to a wrong start in life. You are setting yourself incorrect expectations. The better definition of success is one who is happy. One can be happy with whatever they have however meager their means are. They don’t get affected by what others have. This is a strong characteristic to build. When you don’t get affected by what others do or think, then you are able to make good decisions and making such decisions is what makes you ultimately succeed in life. The Ambanis and Tatas of the first generation all didn’t start with much to become what they are. They used whatever they had to make best use of them. But they knew what they wanted to do in life. That brings us to what is the first step for you?

You need to identify what you want to do in life. You have to figure out what you are good at and see where those characteristics will serve you well. This will take some time for you to figure out. In fact, it took me half my life to figure out what I am good at, but I hadn’t started thinking this way when I was young. I just wanted to become an Engineer because of let’s say, pressure. The line of work also fit in a way with my good Math skills so I was lucky. I have seen those who pursue something they don’t like end up hating the job they do and seek to do something else later on. Or they realize they could have done something else and have been more successful Instead if one decides, while still young, what they want to do in life (not just after PUC), they will be way ahead of the competition. Next time write to me what you want to do in your life, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. We will discuss it in our next letter,


Ash Uncle


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