RoundersPosterMitzvah in Hebrew means commandments and as commanded by God. It also refers to a moral deed performed as a religious duty. In the 1998 film ‘Rounders’, the character Professor Petrovsky helps out the lead character, Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) by writing a check for $10,000 when Matt is in desperate need of the money to pay back a gambling debt. When Matt acknowledges his deep gratitude and asks how he can pay this off, the Professor narrates how he came to the US when his family in Poland was under severe stress.  Yet how his mother made all the sacrifices so that he could have a bright future. On the same token he says that this deed he is doing to Mike is his Mitzvah. A perfect example of a good deed. Wherever you are in life, don’t forget to do your Mitzvahs whenever possible.

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