The week as it was!

What’s going on around the world and in my life!! Read on..

The Ferguson decision as narrated by the prosecutor, while appeared convincing, leaves a lot of doubt about the verdict. No wonder there is so much protest. Whatever the situation, how can one justify 6-7 bullets fired at an unharmed person. Three blows/socks to the face isn’t fatal – else we would have many deaths every day across the nation. The decision clearly indicates the bias that still exists for all things-entitlements.

In India, the fight against corruption is taking real wings. The Modi government has done remarkably in bringing out a list of 600+ people with black money. Though it isn’t public yet, this is wonderful progress. I for one, can’t wait the day when the corrupt families that were in power and administration all these years go to jail and suck it up with other criminals.

20141127_113015-001And yesterday it snowed well about 10 inches here – wet snow that was difficult to shovel. It was a good workout clearing up my long driveway and walkway in anticipation of today’s Thanksgiving dinner. That made up for some delicious Lindt chocolates I devoured that I didn’t have to 🙂

And Bombay Kitchen on Broad street was celebrating it’s first anniversary. We made it to the special dinner buffet despite the snow. The roads weren’t bad and there wasn’t much traffic either.

Had left my new wireless microphone on I guess and it drained the battery overnight. That was the only downer. With some help from my son, I was able to get the equalizer into action to reduce some lower frequencies and get my voice heard sharper on the speakers. That was good learning for the day, Thanks Vikas!

The three things you need to know to sing better is:

1) Be Relaxed – do some relaxation exercises. Here is a good, unconventional exercise

2) Good posture: Don’t hunch, feel your legs grounded (but relaxed)

3) Good breathing: Breathe from the diaphragm and not from the chest. Raising your chest and filling all of your lungs will raise the pitch of your voice  and will be unsustainable.

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