iOS8 update and challenges on the ipad

Recently I got my iPad upgraded to ios8. Life went on well and there was no particular issues. I did read that iPhoto – the remarkable photo editing app that set the standards – was done away by Apple and was replaced with Apple’s own Photos app. I used iPhoto for editing and sharing and not exactly organizing. I had even bought and upgraded version of iPhoto to bulk load photos to Facebook where the upload limit was increased to 200 with the ability to upload HD photos. This December we were on vacation. As I normally would, I would upload all the photos to my iPad at the end of the day and review them. The photos app imported the photos just fine.  Remember if you delete the photos on the iPad, the next time you import photos from the SD card, it will re-import them if you don’t unselect for importing. I always keep the originals on the SD card until I upload them to my home computer’s hard hard drive which is my reference repository for all photos.

So I would edit the photos right on the iPad and mark some as favorites. This would help me identify what to share with friends and family. I did this for the entire vacation. After coming back home, I wanted to upload the favorite’d photos to Picasa, but there was no inbuilt option to do that from the iPad. You could share the photos to Facebook and some other social media, but not to where I wanted to. I researched quite a bit but I was out of luck. I downloaded a very cool application called iAmazing through which you can actually see the photos on the iPad’s hard disk, but these images were the originals. Apple has cleverly kept the edited photos separate from the originals. However I could not locate the favorites in a single folder. Apple would have some way of identifying a photo as a favorite, this is done with storing additional data called metadata in a separate file or as attributes of the image.

There I was – stuck, not able to share my favorites to the media of my choice. I gave in a decided to upload the photos to flickr – which is available as a built-in option for sharing within the photos app. However, I could only upload 4 or so photos to my flickr account. This had to be some bug, but I didn’t want to investigate this new problem. Using flickr’s own app or Google’s drive or Microsoft’s skydrive app, I found that none of these apps could access the favorites on the iPad. I was pretty resigned to re-edit the photos on my laptop directly, but the task of going through 500+ photos and applying the same edits seemed daunting at the very least.

ipadphotosharingFinally, and finally I found there is an option to copy the photos within the favorites folder to another album = see the copy option on the graphic on this page. All albums are accessible to the apps except the favorites album. After I created a new album, I was able to upload all the photos to flickr, Google drive, Google plus, etc. Such a waste of time – hopefully. the

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