Gold Canyon drive or what?

IMG_8675There are certain parameters of a character that one can never perfect. You can always do better in regard to these. One such trait is tolerance. You can never be tolerant enough. There is no finite limit to tolerance. There are things one cannot tolerate such as crime, etc. But I am talking about those limits that make a person feel better.

The first thing you do when you don’t stay at a hotel is to go to the nearest grocery store and pick up essentials like milk, cereal and fruits. For about $35, we had enough and more to cover breakfast for three days for three! That was so much better than the typical fare at a road-side inn/hotel.

IMG_8679The second day of our vacation, after the hike we scouted the area for Indian food. There is no dearth of Indian restaurants in Scottsdale. After checking some are open on Christmas day, we narrowed our choice to Indian Paradise on North Haveli road. Food was very good and the two young girls dressed up in holiday-wear added to the experience. After food, we decided to take a good drive out of the city. A few scenic drives popped up. It is a good idea to finish your drive before sunset as I had some thrilling and rather unnerving experience driving through Rt 87A from Flagstaff to Sedona during a previous vacation. The steep drops and late night snow on the mountains made it definitely a memorable one. The choice was clear – it was the drive up to Gold Canyon down Superstition (US Rt. 60) highway. It was a 40 mile drive one way and easily doable. The drive itself from Scottsdale wasn’t anything spectacular with the roadside displaying much of the same landscape as we had seen before.  Once at the end of the drive, we hit a dirt road that wasn’t inviting enough for our rental car and we decided to drive back. We stopped a bit on the deserted roads and got to view the far off Superstition mountain. There wasn’t a soul in sight. I saw three homes each with its own named highway. Apparently US Post delivers mail to even the remotest locations in the country as I was to witness across the drives over the week.

bamboo-club-scottsdaleThe evening was more interesting. It was Christmas day and most restaurants were closed. Found a Chinese-Indian restaurant on N Scottsdale Rd called Inchin’s Bamboo that had high ratings. As we walked up to the restaurant, we could see that the place was teeming with people waiting to get in. That should have been a good indicator. The hostess was a young Indian pleasant-looking girl who was managing the guests and the stress of a holiday-shortened staff. The restaurant had a seating capacity of nearly 100 I would think and every chair was taken. And we had about 20 people waiting. Already I could see the serving staff scrambling to meet the demand. The hostess cautioned a 30-minute wait – which isn’t all that bad for such a crowded place. When we finished our food it was well over two hours since we first stepped in. The waitress had forgotten our order in the melee I guess and had to be reminded. She got part of the order and had one of us waiting for the soup that needed another reminder. But what I found nice was our server was ever smiling and wasn’t showing off any strain. She did mention that the kitchen was in chaos. That was enough for me to give her a generous tip despite not-so-spectacular experience. The food was wonderful though and I would go back to the restaurant only to remind them of that dreadful Christmas day in 2014!!

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