Lake Havasu, AZ

IMG_8689aThe best thing you can do to face a challenge that springs at you is to maintain your balance. In the martial art of Judo, the key thing is to maintain your balance all the time. To be able to stand firmly and balanced on your feet lets you think and plan your attack.

The day before I had taken the three-mile walk around the resort which bordered some of the nicest homes I have come across. One sprawling home even sported a Cardinals symbol, but it was too covered to see anything inside! The day was bright and the sun was way up as I strolled. A friendly dog accompanied me for 1/4th of a mile as it stepped out off it’s owners home. This would have made me nervous a few years back, but now I am used to dogs and know well to keep calm and even open up to them. I didn’t want to become overtly friendly to this particular one so as not to give an incorrect perception as I was a total stranger to the area. After some time, the owner finally stepped out and started calling out for his pet which was very reluctant to join him. And when he started to go back, I happened to turn around and show a thumbs-up sign to the owner for the relief but the dog read it otherwise and came running back to me!

IMG_8730aThis morning, we wanted to take the same walk but within 20 minutes realized it was way too early even in the south for the sun to have warmed up. The 34 degrees was too cold to be comfortable for a morning walk without proper wear, so we had to turn back. One the way back, it was a joy to walk through the streets within the resort lined with orange trees. The fruits were so numerous in each of them and we managed to pull a couple out for ourselves. Eating it was another thing though – one was so sour that Rama had my expression frozen in time for a Facebook post that never happened. But she and our son had a good laugh. So much for home-grown oranges or what?

IMG_8788aWe finished a decent breakfast and checked out of our resort for a trip towards the Grand Canyon. Our stop on the way was Lake Havasu – which was about a three-hour drive. The drive was very refreshing with nice views on either side. The only barrier were some of the other eager vacationers wanting to get past us on a hilly and curvy drive.  We were in no hurry and that was what was different on this vacation – we had all the time. A vacation jam-packed from morning till evening can get very tiresome and less enjoyable. A vacation should be a true time-off.

IMG_8738aLake Havasu is a reservoir as a result of the Parker dam on the Colorado river bordering the states of California and Arizona. The star attraction in the city  is the original London Bridge sitting on the lake. Yes, it is the bridge from London, England. In the late 1960s, the city of London auctioned of the bridge to the highest bidder because they wanted to build a new one. The old bridge was able to handle the increase in traffic. The American oil tycoon Robert McCullough paid about $2 million to win the bid. Each stone of the bridge was disassembled and marked before being transported over the Atlantic to be re-assembled back at Lake Havasu – an incredible feat if you look at the sheer size of the bridge itself. The bridge is 980 feet in length and takes about a 10-minute leisurely walk across. As many people across the US, we never knew American had the original London bridge.


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