Tomorrow may be or may not be


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Every moment life is changing,

There are shadows sometimes, there is sunlight

Live life to the fullest every moment you are here

There maybe tomorrow or not.

So goes the famous song from the movie ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ sung by Sonu Nigam and beautifully composed by Shankar, Eeshaan and Loy. A perfect song to play or sing on many occasions to remind ourselves that life itself is changing, why don’t we?

Had a great revelation this past Friday. Have you ever thought when you see those professionals sing and they belt out song after song, it appears so effortless? Well, however accomplished a person is at this, the rendering isn’t effortless. There is a lot of exertion involved. In fact, I am told that singing can be exhausting and draining. Else why wouldn’t there be a performance by an artists day in and day out? Holding and controlling your breath, enunciation, emotions and a lot of physical activity goes into a performance.

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